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FULL 3" Turbo Back Exhaust System - Astra H VXR
Courtenay Sport are pleased to announce, that having teamed up with Piper, we have developed a full turbo back 3" exhaust system for the Astra VXR. This 3" (76mm) system is an ideal system for the Astra VXR, whatever level of tune your vehicle is at because of the increases it offers. It can be specified with two, one or no silencers* (with or without a sports cat*) and is a complete 76mm (3") system from the turbo back. The system is neatly finished with an oval tailpipe. Gains of up to 12 bhp were seen during development when fitted to a standard Astra Nurburgring.
Suitable for all cars from standard to 500+ bhp
Exhaust Section Price
Downpipe with sports cat £602
Downpipe with decat section £430
Cat Back System - 2 silencers £602
Cat Back System - 1 silencer
Exhaust Price Tailbox
Turbo Back System with Sports Cat - 2 silencers £1140 Single Oval
Turbo Back System with Sports Cat - 1 silencers £1030 Single Oval
Turbo Back System with De Cat - 2 silencers £1030 Single Oval
Turbo Back System with De Cat - 1 silencers £920 Single Oval

VXR Tailpipe Trim
*Notes: 2 Silencer option is center silencer and tailbox. 1 silencer option is tailbox only, no centre silencer. Running without a sports cat will lead a vehicle to fail an emissions check, and may not be road legal. We can map out the EML for cat system efficiency if required. Cat Back system can be fitted to a standard cat or a Piper downpipe and cat assembly. Piper downpipe and cat/decat can only be fitted to a Piper 3" cat back system.

VXR Remus 70mm Sports Exhaust System

VXR Remus 70mm Sports Exhaust System. This VXR 70mm Full Sports Exhaust System as originally used on Astra VXR Nurburgring models. Manufactured to extremely exacting standards from high grade stainless steel, this system offers excellent performance gains and gives a sporty purposeful exhaust note when under load, without the 'restrictive' exhaust gas-rush sound often associated with some other systems at high rpm when being pushed up to 300 bhp.

Comprising of a straight through pre cat removal section, which does away with the 'OE' restrictive pre-cat, a sports cat section with a high flow motorsport cat in place of the 'OE' catalyst, a straight through center section and a rear silencer with centre exit tailpipe finished with the VXR logo embossed into it.

This system is fitted a a complete turbo back assembly because due to its diameter it cannot be fitted in stages.
Please Note: This system only has one silencer so is very loud and may not be track day friendly. Not recommended for above 320bhp due to flow restrictions.
Price: £1180.00 including VAT.

Courtenay Sport High Flow 70mm Front Pipe

The Z20LEH engine is fitted with 2 cats - a pre-cat and a main cat. Our performance front pipe replaces the original restrictive pre-cat. This is only required to be fitted to the vehicle up until the point of 1st registration, as the main cat still ensures the vehicle will meet all MOT emission regulations. The new 70mm front pipe is made in stainless steel, and by smoothing the bend radius and removing the cat, we have dramatically improved the flow through the unit. Our front pipe also features both a stainless steel 3 bolt flange and stainless steel spun end. Our performance front pipe will give a typical increase of around 8 - 10 bhp.

Courtenay Sport 70mm Pre-Cat Pipe: £169.98

Uprated Poly Exhaust Mounts

Uprated Exhaust Mount manufactured from a high temperature polyurethane material in red with a Shore A hardness of 67, compared to the original rubber mounts which measure 55 Shore A.

These mounts are much stronger (10-15% stronger than the OE rubber mounts), more durable, with much less flex due to the material type and the reduction in size the of the centre cut-out, offer far greater resistance to tearing and rot resulting in much less exhaust movement. OE Exhaust Rubbers are prone to cracking and failing, quite often causing an exhaust knock often most noticeable on start up.
Ideal for use on any modified fast road and track car. Suitable for any standard or performance sports exhaust system.

Cross References to OE Mount 90466688

Uprated Poly Exhaust Mount: £6.60

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