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Brakes - Discs and Pads

EBC GD Sport Discs

EBC's wide groove discs are designed to pull cool air under the pad surface and between the disc to help both pad and disc cooling. EBC's "Blind Drilled" dimples help break down surface gasses but do not promote cracking, which has been known to occur, especially on fast road and track day use with conventional "Through Drilled" discs.

As well as aiding cooling, the grooves in the disc surface also allow dirt, dust, gasses, debris and grit to escape from between the disc and pad surface, especially under heavy braking. The grooves and dimples also keep the pad surface de-glazed throughout its useful life.

EBC sport discs are also coated to help prevent from corrosion in areas which are not swept by the pad to help them stay looking better for longer. Optimum brake performance is reached once the coating is removed from the pad contact area, which when used with EBC ceramic pads and the special brake in coating on their surface will often occur in as little as 50 miles.
EBC Turbo Groove Disc
As with our own 16G discs it is normal to expect a little additional brake noise from these discs during normal use.

EBC Turbo Grooved Discs - Price £147.00 per pair Buy Now Click Here!
16G Disc  Our grooved and ventilated 288mm discs help improve overall feel and stopping ability and are what we run on our own VX220's. The grooves not only aid cooling by increasing the surface area and allowing better cooling of the disc and pad surface they also dissipate excess brake dust and gasses helping to eliminate brake fade.

16G Disc - Brembo £142.50 per pair (front) Buy Now Click Here!

16G Disc Brembo £142.50 per pair (rear) Buy Now Click Here!

 Plain Disc £62.50 Per Pair

Courtenay Sport Performance Brake Pads.

Why not try our uprated brake pads? Not only do they work well with standard discs but will dramatically improves the car's stopping ability when used in conjunction with our uprated discs. Choose from Mintex, offering two friction materials, 1144 for fast road use and 1155 for competition use, EBC's Red (fast road) or Yellow (track) Ceramic material or Pagid RS-14's.

The 1155's feature a harder friction material than the 1144's for a bigger improvement. The 1155's remain more stable at higher operating temperatures and are designed for competition use. We have however found that due to the VX220's weight the 1155 pads are suitable for fast road and track day use.

M1144 Pads - Front £50.10 per set Buy Now Click Here!  Rear £64.20 per set Buy Now Click Here!

M1155 Pads  - Front £85.20 per set Buy Now Click Here! Rear £91.95 per set Buy Now Click Here!
M1144 is the material for fast road use as well as light competition. One of the main characteristics of this material is the ability to work from cold, which gives the user the confidence of a standard material on the first application of the brakes. The benefit of M1144 is experienced as the temperature within the brakes starts to increase. M1144 will remain stable and consistent through to 450c where a standard material at this temperature will most certainly start to fade. The bedding in procedure for M1144 is the same as any standard material i.e. steady braking for the first 50 miles, avoiding emergency stops.
M1155 is purely designed for competition use. Applications such as Group A and N rally cars and circuit saloons best suit this material. M1155 has a similar friction level to M1144 but remains consistent to a maximum operating temperature of 550-600c. Like M1144 there are no special bedding in procedures for M1155.
After extensive product testing and in depth discussion with the manfacturers, Courtenay Sport are pleased to supply a range of uprated fast road brake pads from EBC, for the most popular applications to accompany our range of performance discs and the EBC grooved and dimpled discs.

In far too many instances we have seen green stuff pads incorrectly specified in high powered cars e.g. Astra Turbo, as an upgrade pad but which are evidently not up to the job of stopping a 200 + bhp car. These pads work as an acceptable replacement  on lower powered or light cars but as a fast road uprated pad they are not a good choice for the vast majority of applications. For this reason you will not find us recommmending them on or fitting them to inappropriate applications.
Red Ceramic Logo Having looked at the various applications involved, it has become clear to us from in-house testing that red ceramic and yellow ceramic pads and the best choices for fast road and track day use and offer a big improvement in brake performance when used under extreme application, yet still offer a good pedal feel when cold. Red ceramic pads are an ideal fast road pad which comfortably operate at temperatures around 550oC, and in tests by Lotus have remained stable up to a pad temperature of 700oC, yet for the fast road driver these
temperatures will never be reached on the road.
For the more demanding driver,and those drivers who have a more track day biased use for their vehicle the yellow ceramic pads will offer and even better performance at higher temperatures. Both the red ceramic pads and yellow ceramic pads offer better stopping ability and operate at greater temperature ranges, offering a big improvement over standard items, especially when matched to uprated discs. Yellow Ceramic Logo
Both Red and Yellow ceramic pads come with a brake in coating to the pad surface to help faster bedding in of brake components. This mild abrasive red coloured coating lightly scrubs the brake disc after new pad installation allowing optimum braking to be achieved faster. This coatng is especially useful when fitted to EBC zinc coated discs, as the brake in coating quickly and safely removes the zinc coatng from the disc surface.

Red ceramic for fast road use and Yellow ceramic pads are also available for most models.
Red Ceramic Pads (Front) .... £55.00 Buy Now Click Here! Red Ceramic Pads (Rear) ... £54.00 Buy Now Click Here!
Yellow Ceramic Pads (Front) ... £56.15 Buy Now Click Here! Yellow Ceramic Pads (Rear) ... £74.95 Buy Now Click Here!
VX220 Front M1144 - £48.52 Buy Now Click Here! VX220 Rear M1144 - £58.62 Buy Now Click Here!
VX220 Front M1155 - £66.40 Buy Now Click Here! VX220 Rear M1155 - £91.95 Buy Now Click Here!
Pagid RS-14 pads can also be supplied for VX220.

Courtenay Sport Braided Brake Hoses

Full Brake Line Kit VX220
VX220/Speedster Brake Line Kit
Courtenay Sport Braided Brake Hose Kits. Stainless steel braided hoses, plastic coated to resist dirt, rain, salt and fitted with high quality stainless steel unions. Improves pedal feel, eliminates ballooning caused by rubber OE hoses, improves braking performance. Stainless unions are more resistant to corrosion - some similar kits use zinc coated unions which are not as hard wearing and more prone to corrosion. Kits contain new banjo bolts, washers and rubber supports where needed. Astra/Zafira rear brake line kits also include  the required joiner pipe.

Price £69.60 Buy Now Click Here!

Racing Brake Fluid and DOT 5.1 Fluid

Racing Brake Fluid has been formulated for racing applications where braking systems operate at high temperatures. It guards against vapour lock and maintains its viscosity and lubricity at extreme temperatures. This fluid conforms to and exceeds the current specification for DOT4 and has a typical dry boiling point of 310 o C (590 o F), which is higher than DOT5.1 fluids which typically have a dry boiling point of 260 o C. We recommend changing racing brake fluid annually.

Racing Brake Fluid - £12.60 per 500ml. Buy Now Click Here!

DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid - £12.60 per litre Buy Now Click Here!

Brake Fluid - Some Facts

Due to the fact that a brake system is not perfectly sealed moisture can be absorbed by the fluid. This in effect reduces the boiling point of the fluid and can reduce the efficiency of the brake system. Another factor of reduced braking efficiency is fluid that has got too hot and boiled, turning it into gas which leads to a 'spongy' feeling.

Brake fluids are classified to defined specifications: DOT3, DOT4, DOT5, DOT 5.1 These sepcifications have two reference tests:
Dry Boiling Point, the boiling point of fresh fluid
Wet Boiling Point, the boiling point once the fluid has absorbed water, representing fluid that has been in use in a vehicle.

There are two main types of brake fluid:
DOT3, DOT4, DOT 5.1 which are glycol based (Poly Alkylene Glycol - PAG)
DOT 5 which is synthetic based.

The two types of fluid are not compatible and must not be mixed in a braking system.
Minimum Dry and Wet Boiling point specifications:
Minimum Boiling Point oC DOT 3 (PAG) DOT 4 (PAG) DOT 5 (silicone) DOT 5.1 (PAG) Racing Brake Fluids
Dry 205 oC 230 oC 260 oC 260 oC 300 oC
Wet 140 oC 155 oC 185 oC 185 oC 195 oC
Slicone Brake Fluid (DOT5)
DOT5 was introduced to give higher temperature performance over DOT4. It will also not damage paintwork or absord moisture. However it is a poor lubricant and does not lubricate ABS pumps as well as PAG fluids and as it does not absorb water, any water in the system will remain as water droplets which can pool and cause corrosion or vaporise when heated under heavy braking causing severe braking efficiency loss.

PAG Brake Fluids (DOT3, 4 & 5.1)
DOT4 is the current mainstream brake fluid. DOT 5.1 has a higher specification and is intended for fast road and occasional track day use.
Racing brake fluid is usually designated DOT4 however it's performance exceeds that of DOT 5.1 fluid as shown in the above table.

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