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Corsa VXR 76mm (3") Exhaust System

Available as a Full Turbo Back system, including a high flow motorsport cat, or as a cat back system - For ALL Z16LER Corsa VXR models. Euro 5 A16LER Corsa VXR models require a Full System.

Courtenay Sport, having teamed up with Piper, have developed a full turbo back 76mm exhaust system for the Corsa VXR. From initial testing and development it became obvious to us that the 76mm system had a number of advantages over a 63.5mm and a 70mm system.

Firstly we have seen an 18 bhp gain from the system when tested back to back and fitted to a car running standard mapping. A 76mm system we have found gives the best results when remapping and with regards to future proofing on further development a 76mm system means that we do not need to develop another system further down the line when pursuing bigger more ambitious tuning goals.
Exhaust System Available Components: Our Price
Corsa VXR 2007 on FULL Exhaust System, 2 silencers and High Flow Motor Sport Cat* £1250.00
Turbo Hatch   FULL Exhaust System, 1 silencer and High Flow Motor Sport Cat* £1120.00
Full System   FULL Exhaust System, 2 silencers No Sport Cat £1030.00
Available   FULL Exhaust System, 1 silencer No Sport Cat £900.00
Note: Systems with 2 silencers have a centre and rear (tailbox) silencer. Systems with only 1 silencer will have a rear silencer only (no centre silencer)  
Cat Back System with 2 silencers (Centre and Rear) £685.00
Cat Back System with 1 silencer (Rear) £565.00
Downpipe with High Flow Motor Sport Cat £599.00
Downpipe with de-cat £359.00
Corsa VXR 76mm Full Exhaust System: Buy Now Click Here! Corsa VXR 76mm Cat Back Exhaust System: Buy Now Click Here!
Power and Torque Graph Comparisons of Standard Car v Car with Full 76mm (3 inch) Sports Exhaust System:

Corsa VXR Power and Torque Graph

Our 76mm system can be supplied with or without a sports cat, we recommend having the sports cat option. The downpipe and cat section has the pre-cat removed for maximum flow and can be supplied with a sports cat or a de-cat section.

The cat back section can be supplied with either 2 silencers (a centre and a rear) or just one silencer (rear).

Systems with only 1 silencer will be loud and may not be track day friendly.
Systems with a sports cat will pass UK MOT emissions.

For 2010MY (Model Year) on vehicles (A16LER) the second lambda sensor will locate into the front pipe but a remap will be required to delete the catayst error code.
Remap recommended on all models. Required on A16LER

Corsa VXR Nürburgring 76mm (3") Exhaust System - Full System and Cat Back

Corsa VXR Nurburgring Tail Trims
Corsa VXR Nurburgring Tail Trims
Working closely with Piper Exhausts, a 76mm stainless steel tailbox has been developed for the Corsa VXR Nürburgring. Added to the existing 76mm system for Corsa VXR, a full 76mm system is now available for this car, to help release maximum performance.

As with the current system, the first main cat is removed and options include twin or single silencer systems with or without a motorsport cat.

Cars fitted with a full system will require an ecu remap to ensure optimum safe running and to overcome any issues with the emissions, as the VXR Nürburgring is a Euro 5 compliant model from the factory and removing the large factory fitted pre cat and just using a high flow motorsport cat will require an ecu recalibration to give correct fuelling and emissions.
Piper offer a range of tail trims, however the options shown here, 4″ (100mm) Slash Cut, is probably one of the best.

Pricing is as follows:
Full 76mm System with Motorsport Cat* Twin Silencers £1315.00
Full 76mm System with Motorsport Cat* Single Silencer £1180.00
Deduct £255.00 for a completely decatted* system

Cat Back System Twin Silencers £725.00
Cat Back System Single Silencer £605.00

Corsa VXR Nürburgring 76mm Full Exhaust System: Buy Now Click Here!

Corsa VXR Nürburgring 76mm Cat Back Exhaust System: Buy Now Click Here!
*Note: A motorsport cat will pass current UK MOT emissions. In some countries motorsport cats may not be road legal. Please comply with the relevant laws of your country. Removing both cats may not be road legal and will lead to an MOT emissions failure.
Corsa VXR Nürburgring 100mm Slash Cut Tail Trims Corsa VXR Nürburgring Cat Back 76mm Piper Exhaust Corsa VXR Nürburgring Full 76mm Exhaust System

Courtenay Sport High Flow Front Pipe Z16LEx

For those not wishing to replace a full exhaust, the first cat can be removed on Z16LEx Euro 4 engines. The Z16LEx turbo engine is fitted with 2 cats - a pre-cat and a main cat. Our performance front pipe replaces the original restrictive pre-cat. This is only required to be fitted to the vehicle up until the point of 1st registration, as the main cat still ensures the vehicle will meet all MOT emission regulations. The new front pipe is made in stainless steel, and by smoothing the bend radius and removing the cat, we have dramatically improved the flow through the unit. Our front pipe also features both a stainless steel 3 bolt flange and stainless steel spun end. Our performance front pipe will give a typical increase of around 6 - 8.

Not Suitable for Euro 5 A16LEx engines.

Courtenay Sport Pre-Cat Pipe for Z16LEx engines £183.00 Buy Now Click Here!
Courtenay Sport Pre Cat Replacement Pipe

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