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Engine Rebuilding Components and
Turbo Upgrades for Z16LEx Engines
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Forged Pistons and Courtenay ZRP Steel Rods - Z16LEx A16LEx

Wossner Forged Pistons.

Ideal for engines running high boost levels. These pistons are high yield forged items with Teflon coated skirts for reduced wear. They are barrel designed so that when hot they are perfectly round ensuring maximum cylinder sealing. Set of four pistons supplied including piston rings, gudgeon pins and circlips.

Bore Size:
Oversize: 79.5mm for engines that have been run. Requires slight rebore to fit to ensure new pistons and rings are bedded into a new bore.
OE Size: 79.0mm for brand new engines

Price: £606 per piston set. Set includes four pistons, with ring sets and gudgeon pins. Buy Now Click Here!

Forged Piston and Courtenay Steel Rod Set includes ARP rod bolts - Set of 4 - £985 Buy Now Click Here!

Available for ALL 1.6 Turbo Engines:
Z16LEx - Z16LET, Z16LEL, Z16LER, Z16LEH and A16LEx

Uprated H-Beam ZRP Steel Rods

H-Beam Con Rods are stiffer and more ridged which makes them better suited to high power/higher torque engines for example high power turbo builds. Our lightweight, H-beam section connecting rods are forged from 4340 high tensile steel. Heat treated and fully shot-peened for higher fatigue strength. Small end bushed for fully floating pin and big end fitted with high quality ARP 8740 fasteners. Balanced to within 1g.

Price: £402 per set of 4 with rod bolts Buy Now Click Here!

Forged Piston and Courtenay Steel Rod Set includes rod bolts - Set of 4 - £985 Buy Now Click Here!

Available for ALL 1.6 Turbo Engines:
Z16LET, Z16LEL, Z16LER, Z16LEH, A16LEx, B16LER

K03 Hybrid Turbo

K03 Hybrid turbocharger reworked from a genuine brand new unit, features a reworked compressor wheel and shaft, an uprated bearing pack and a modified inlet elbow. Tested to 260bhp on a rebuild engine fitted with low comp Wossner forged pistons.


Z16LEH Exhaust Manifold for K04/K06/K16 Turbo

This high flow Z16LEH cast exhaust manifold is manufactured in the same way as an Original Equipment (OE) manifold would be fabricated. The result is a turbocharger assembly for the 1.6 Turbo engine (Z16LEx/A16LEx/B16LEx) that is capable of flowing more air, thus producing more boost and therefore more power and torque.

In fact our Z16LEH manifold has a 20% larger exhaust housing than the Z20LEH manifold and the wastegate aperture is also 20% bigger, so the Z16LEH manifold will offer much greater flow than the equivalent Z20LEH turbo manifold.

It has been designed for the Vauxhall/Opel 1.6 Turbo Z16LEx/A16LEx/B16LEx engines - Z16LET, Z16LEL, Z16LER, A16LET, A16LER, B16LER as fitted to Corsa D VXR/OPC and SRi Turbo, Corsa E VXR, Astra H Turbo, Meriva VXR/OPC and Insignia 1.6 Turbo to allow the fitment of the core turbo charger from the Astra VXR Z20LEH engine.

It fits directly to the head as an OE 1.6 manifold will and the front pipe location is in the same location as the original - no exhaust adapter piece is required, so a standard pre-cat or a pre-cat replacement pipe will bolt straight on with no modification whatsoever. So this really is direct fit. Look closely at the images, and whilst this looks like a Z20LEH turbo, you will see the designation Z16LEH on the cast manifold for the 1.6 application.

Provision has been made for the addition of an EGT probe into the manifold if required.

Available with or without the K04/K06/K16 turbo unit. Upgrade 360 degree bearing and seal upgrade also available.

Z16LEH Cast Manifold - £915.00 inc VAT Available with or without K04/K06/K16 turbo  Buy Now Click Here!
Z16LEH Exhaust Manifold
Z16LEH Cast Exhaust Manifold with Astra Z20LEH Turbocharger Fitted - Front View
Z16LEH Exhaust Manifold
Z16LEH Cast Exhaust Manifold with Astra Z20LEH Turbocharger Fitted - Rear View
Z16LEH Exhaust Manifold
Z16LEH Cast Exhaust Manifold with Z20LEH turbocharger fitted to Z16LEH engine

Nortech Garrett Conversion Parts Z16LEx/A16LEx/B16LER

Tubular V Band Manifold (shown right) £1020
Features a one-piece billet low angle merge collector, thick wall stainless steel and CNC machined head flange with V band fitment for additional security and strightforward fitment. Fits 3" downpipe.

Downpipe with dump tube back in £576
Downpipe with dump tube out £456
Oil/Water Lines £180
Fan and Shroud £174
90mm intake with filter £228
For More Garrett Information >>> CLICK HERE <<<

High Flow Bosch Fuel Injectors

For higher power cars. Direct replacement for OE. Will require an ECU recalibration to run correctly on Corsa VXR.

395cc @ 3 bar (415cc @ 3.3 bar 485cc @ 4.5 bar) - £295.00

650cc @ 3 bar (for above 350PS) - £395.00

Uprated Fuel Pumps - Corsa D Astra H

Uprated 340 Fuel Pump

High Flow Uprated In Tank 340 Series Stealth Fuel Pump for most petrol turbo applications.

For Corsa D and Astra H 1.6 Turbo models inc VXR running big horsepower and higher boost levels, fuelling is critical. The replacement Protec 340 Stealth high output in-tank electric fuel pump offers the solution. 340 lph at 40psi. Offset Inlet, Inline with Outlet. Will fit into original in-tank housing with slight modification. Suitable for cars from 300bhp up to approximately 450bhp. Features a vapour-purge port as on an OE pump, so less prone to fuel starvation at low fuel levels.

This 340 Fuel Pump is a high-output, in-tank electric fuel pump which is a compact, lightweight pump that bolts into the existing OE fuel pump assemby with just minor modification. This pump is ideal for applications requiring more flow while retaining the factory fuel lines and mounting provisions available in the Original Equipment (O.E.) configuration.

Features an offset inlet, inline with outlet.

• Fits Corsa D 1.6 Turbo with minor modification to the OE fuel pump housing.
• Internal Check Valve
• Vapour Purge Port in base of pump
• Designed for in-tank use only
• Turbine pump mechanism increases durability.
• Suitable for standard and modified cars.

Flow Rate - 340 lph @ 40psi :: 300 lph @ 50psi :: 275 lph @ 60psi
Weight - 355 grams
External Materials - Black Steel Body
Inlet Fitting - Offset Inlet Inline with Outlet
Outlet Fitting - 8.5mm OD
Impeller Design - Regenerative Turbine
Terminal Post - Spade Terminal OE Fitment (6.2mm)
Min Voltage Input - 6 vdc
Max Voltage Input - 18 vdc
Current Draw - (40 psi) 12 amps (13.8vdc)

Pump Overall Height (including outlet) - 120mm
Pump Body Height - 80mm
Pump Body Diameter- 39mm
Outlet Length - 21mm
Outlet Diameter - 8.5mm
*All dimensions are approximate

Convoluted Flexi Fuel Hose also available

80mm Air Flow Meter

For any stage of tune. More stable air flow meter than the standard 70mm item. Will require an ECU recalibration to run correctly on Corsa VXR because the 0-5v scale is different on the 80mm AFM to the standard 70mm AFM. Requires Courtenay Sport Silicone Inlet Hose for fitment.

80mm Air Flow Meter - £149.95

Uprated Multi Layer High Performance Metal Head Gaskets Z16LEx

We have multi layer uprated metal head gaskets available for all high power builds.
High Performance 4 Layer Gasket - 1.0mm when compressed. CR: 8.2:1 with Cosworth Pistons

Price - £139.95 HP Gasket Buy Now Click Here!

Engine Rebuild Components Z16LEx - Gasket Sets, Bearings, Head Bolts

Not only can we supply pistons and rods but for anyone carrying out their own engine build we can supply head gaskets, top and bottom gasket sets, big end bearings, main bearings, oil pumps, water pumps, cambelt kits and auxiliary drive belts. In fact everything you will need. Most parts are available for online purchase from our shop. Buy Now Click Here!

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