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Lowered and Uprated Springs (Sets of four)

Courtenay Sport are able to supply a range of lowering springs from top manufacturers including KW Automotive and Eibach. We also supply DAP Road springs for Corsa D, Astra H and Vectra C models. We would advise that for best results lowering springs should always be fitted with suitably matched sports dampers, although many spring sets will work with OE dampers. Certain lowing springs will require lowered sports dampers, due to the amount  they lower by.

DAP Road and Race Springs

These springs are great for fast road use and need no introduction. If you have heard about them you will know how good they are. If you have not heard of them, trust us..... they are fantastic!

DAP springs are available as Road Spec (Spec 1 designated R) and Race Spec (Spec 2) for Astra H for track use (special order).
DAP R Springs lower Corsa D, Astra H and Zafira B by approximately 25-30mm all round, Astra J VXR 20-25mm and Vectra 25-30mm Front and 15-20mm Rear.

DAP Race Spec Springs:
Spec 2 for Astra H have stiffer rates and a further reduced ride height.
Spec 3 for Astra H are for reduced weight cars i.e. rear seat/trim removal and lower (up to 50mm Frt/Rr for track use only).

Available for Corsa D SRiT and VXR, Astra H 2.0T, 1.9CDTi Hatch and Sporthatch, VXR and Van, Astra J VXR, Zafira B VXR and Vectra VXR.
Corsa SRiT and VXR - £149.00 Buy Now Click Here!

Astra H inc VXR- £183.95 Buy Now Click Here!

Astra J VXR - £183.95 Buy Now Click Here!

Zafira B inc VXR - £183.95 Buy Now Click Here!

Vectra VXR - £183.95 Buy Now Click Here!

Note: On Astravan and Astra CDTi models shorter travel VXR dampers are recommended.

Race Spec Springs for Astra are available to Special Order £225.00
Astra VXR on DAP Springs
Astra VXR on DAP Springs - Click to Enlarge

Eibach and ST Springs - Applications and Prices:

We also supply Eibach Pro Kit Springs, which are priced here. These generally lower by approximately 30mm depending upon model. Models with a sport chassis from the factory will generally see a drop of around 10-15mm as this sport chassis is already lower than standard. We can also supply Eibach Sportline springs, which lower by approximately 45-50mm on the front axle and 30mm on the rear, again depending upon model. We also offer ST Springs, manufactured by KW, as an alternative choice which have a selection of ride heights available for many vehicles. If unsure please ask us as we have a lot of experience with fitting and driving Vauxhall vehicles fitted with Eibach springs, and many other suspension kits. Spring kits are priced in sets of four springs (except where stated otherwise). Buy Now Click Here! Eibach Logo
Eibach Catalogue Download the current Eibach Catalogue. This is a pdf file and will require a suitable pdf viewer.
Application ST
Corsa C 1.0/1.2/1.4/1.8/1.7DI/1.7DTI £149 £136.62
Corsa D Petrol and Diesel
£149 £157.85
Corsa D VXR £149 £157.85
Corsa D Van £157.85
Tigra B Twin Top
Meriva B 1.4, 1.3/1.7 CDTi
Astra G (Mk4) 1.6 8v/16v, 1.8 16v £179 £148.62
Astra G (Mk4) 2.0 16v/2.0 Diesel £179 £148.62
Astra G (Mk4) 2.0 16v SRi/GSi Turbo and 2.2 16v £179 £148.62
Astra G (Mk4) Estate from
£179 £156 - £175
Astra Coupe and Convertible inc Turbo £179 £168.92
Astra H 3dr inc SRi Turbo and CDTi (Not VXR) £179 £157.85
Astra H 5dr inc SRi Turbo and CDTi £179 £157.85
Astra H Estate £179 £157.85
Astravan - £157.85
Astra H Twin Top £179 £174.46
Astra VXR - £157.85
Astra J GTC 1.4/1.6T, 2.0CDTi - £148.62
Zafira A 1.8/2.0 16v Turbo/2.2 16v £179 £199.38
Zafira A 2.2 DI £179 £199.38
Zafira B £179 £187.38
Zafira B VXR  - £187.38
Vectra B 1.6/1.8/2.0 incl Diesel £179 £210.46
Vectra B 2.5/3.0 V6 24v £179 £210.46
Vectra B Estate 16v (4 cyl) £179 £210.46
Vectra B Estate 2.5/3.0 V6 24v £179
Vectra C 1.6/1.8/2.2/1.9 CDTi/2.0D/V6 (Not VXR) Hatch/Saloon
Vectra C 1.6/1.8/2.2/1.9 CDTi/2.0D/V6 (Not VXR) Estate
£185 - £190
£179 - £190
Vectra C VXR Hatch, Saloon, Estate £184.62
Signum 1.8/2.2
Signum 2.0T/1.9 CDTi/3.2 V6/3.0 CDTi
Insignia Hatch, Saloon, Sports Tourer £179
Insginia VXR/OPC £179 -
VX220 2.2 16v N/A £263
Nova - NLS
Nova 2.0 Pair -Front Courtenay Sport Springs
Set of Four
Corsa B £149 £136.62
Corsa 2.0 Pair -Front Courtenay Sport Springs
Set of Four
Tigra A £149 £201
Astra Mk3 Hatch/Saloon/Convertible
- £153.23
Astra Mk3 Estate -
Calibra 2.0 8v/16v £179 £153.23
Calibra Turbo 4x4 -
Calibra 2.5 V6 24v - £242.77
Cavalier Mk3 (Exc GSi/4x4) - £215.08
Cavalier Mk3 (GSi/4x4) - N/A
Cavalier Turbo 4x4 - N/A
Cavalier 2.5 V6 24v -
Omega B 4 door 16v (4 cyl) £219
Omega B 4 door V6 (6 cyl) £219
Omega B Estate 16v (4 cyl) £219 £260.31
Omega B Estate V6 (6 cyl) £219

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 Vauxhall Tuning

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