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Chassis Tuning - Whiteline Anti-Roll Bars
Whiteline Logo Changing springs and dampers is just one aspect of improving a car’s ride and handling. There are other aspects of chassis tuning which will improve a car’s ability to corner, thus making the handling more sure footed and ultimately improve a car’s overall performance and feel.
Manufacturer’s generally set up their front wheel drive cars to be very predictable and inherently ‘safe’ for the everyday driver, as opposed to the enthusiast, with the usual trait being that of understeer, where a car will run wider through a corner and wash out to the outside of the track or road. A slight correction to the throttle brings the nose back in and restores grip levels. Clearly this is not the quickest way through a corner and whilst improved springs and dampers will help other items should be considered as well.

Springs and dampers are designed to control the vertical movement of the car rather than roll, so to improve the handling uprating anti-roll bars will take the strain away from the springs and dampers and help a car corner flatter, with less roll, and make the tyres work harder and grip better. With the roll taken away from the springs and dampers and being controlled by a bar they are left to do what they were designed for, controlling the car over the road surface.

Front wheel drive cars feature a front anti-roll bar to help control body roll, but with performance and suspension improvements faster cornering is possible and therefore a thicker bar is required to combat the extra body roll and further improve cornering ability.

Most front wheel drive cars however, are not fitted with rear anti-roll bars as they will alter the Manufacturers’ understeer characteristics of the car, however looking at altering these components will give vast improvements in a car’s handling and cornering ability without detracting from its ride comfort. Fitting a rear anti-roll bar will reduce body roll and make the rear tyres work harder offering higher levels of grip.
Whiteline Automotive, an Australian company has its roots in the original Shelbys Steering and Suspension company, started making anti-roll bars in the 1960’s for road and race cars. With products engineered via the race track for road use, their components are designed to help cars corner faster and flatter.
Whiteline Logo
Their range of products have been engineered and manufactured to the highest standards from excellent quality materials,  the aim being to provide performance handling solutions where function is always more important than form.
We have tested a range of Whiteline’s products including the front and rear adjustable anti-roll bars, front caster adjustment kit, adjustable front anti-roll bar link arms, and rear camber and toe-in adjustment kit on our own Astra 2.2 SRi and Astra VXR's and the rear anti-roll bar on Vectra B running a coilover suspension. We found them to be of excellent quality and give amazing results improving handling, road holding and transforming the cars' abilities.

For anyone wanting to seriously improve the handling of their car we would suggest the addition of a rear anti-roll bar where available.
To view the catalogue you will need a pdf reader installed such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Whiteline Catalogue
Whiteline Catalogue Click Here.
1.9 MB - Click Here.
For full size images of these products click on the individual thumbnails.
Astra Adjustable Rear Anti-Roll Bar Astra G Alloy Strut Brace Astra G Uprated Adjustable Front Anti-Roll Bar
Astra G Front Lower Wishbone Caster Adjustment Rear Bush Kit Astra G Adjustable Anti-Roll Bar Link Arms Astra G Rear Camber and Toe Adjustment Shims

Rear Anti-Roll Bars - Application Fixed ARB Adjustable ARB

Astra G - Hatch, Coupe, Cabrio, Estate, Van Buy Now Click Here!

Astra H (Sporthatch, Hatch, Estate, Van) and VXR Buy Now Click Here!

Zafira A Buy Now Click Here!

Zafira B and VXR Buy Now Click Here!

24mm - £NLS

24mm - £NLS

24mm - £NLS

24mm - £NLS

24mm - £193.60
24mm - £193.60
24mm - £193.60
24mm - £193.60

Vectra B

20mm - £NLS
22mm - £NLS


Corsa B

22mm - £NLS


Corsa C

20mm - £153.45

20mm - £185.50

Astra F 22mm Bar






Cavalier (with independent rear suspension only)



All rear anti-roll bar kits come with an anti-roll bar, uprated polyurethane anti-roll bar bushes and all the required nuts, bolts, washers, brackets, drop links with poly bushes (where required) and grease.

Images from fitting the Adjustable Rear Bar to an Astra.
Images © Rob Hawkins from Fitting Guide in Total Vauxhall July 2007
Opening up hole in Spring Seat Mounting Bracket Mounting Bracket Rear Anti-Roll Bar Rear Anti-Roll Bar Mounting Point with Poly Bushes
Rear Anti Roll Bar Drop Link with Poly Bushes Adjustable Anti-Roll Bar Rear Drop Link Rear Adjustable Anti-Roll Bar Fitted ARB Adjustment

Front Anti-Roll Bars - Application Buy Now Click Here! Fixed ARB Adjustable ARB
Vectra B - Last Few Left
20mm - £120.00 N/A
Astra G 22mm- £123.55 NLS

All front anti-bar kits come with an anti-roll bar, uprated polyurethane anti-roll bar bushes and grease. As the front anti-roll bars replace existing items the original brackets and bolts are re-used for fitting.

Front Lower Wishbone Rear Bush Caster Adjustment Kit*  
Astra G - Hatch, Coupe, Convertible, Van, Astra H - All, Zafira A and B.
This kit is designed to increase caster setting by up to 0.5 degree, whilst at the same time reducing bush compliance. The result is dramatically improved traction, reduced understeer, increased negative dynamic camber, increased vehicle stability and steering feedback.

Buy Now Click Here!

Kit includes a split pair of uprated polyurethane bushes (allowing easier fitment), 2 offset metal sleeves and grease.

* Important Note: If replacing the lower front wishbone rear bushes with these caster adjustment bushes, we would also suggest replacing the front wishbone front bushes for uprated polyurethane ones and also changing the wishbone bottom ball joints, in case there is any wear in them. Additional items are available from us.

Uprated Poly bushes for other models are also available from us. Details Here.
Front Adjustable Heavy Duty Anti-Roll Bar Drop Link Kit  
Astra G - Hatch, Coupe, Convertible, Van, Astra H - All, Zafira A and B.
Adjustable extra heavy duty steel ball drop link fitted with rubber road seals. Performance front anti roll bar drop links utilising heavy duty steel ball joint ends. Improved steering feel. Eliminate anti roll bar preload via the lightweight aluminium bodies. Ends adjust and rotate to any angular combination. Designed with 25 mm centre to centre length adjustment. May induce additional NVH.

For Road and Track Use.

Buy Now Click Here!

Pack contains 2 Adjustable Drop Links with road seals, washers, spacers and lock nuts for one vehicle.

Rear Camber and Toe Adjustment Kit    
Astra G - Hatch, Coupe, Convertible, Van, Astra H - All, Zafira A and B.
This kit is a pair of shims that offer a fixed change to the rear geometry and are designed to provide +0.5 degree of camber reduction and 2.5mm of toe-in change per side from base settings. The shims fit between the hub and the rear trailing arm.

Kit consists of a pair of pre-set dual angle full contact shims to adjust Camber and Toe.

Buy Now Click Here!

Alloy Strut Brace    
Astra G - Hatch, Coupe and Convertible £118.20

Buy Now Click Here!

Front Camber Adjustment Bolt Kits  
Allows up to +/- 1.5 degrees of camber adjustment per side. Useful for lowered vehicles.


Astra G - Hatch, Coupe, Convertible, Van
Astra H - ALL
Astra Mk 2
Corsa B
Corsa C
Zafira A/B
Kit consists of a pair of adjustable 12mm camber bolts.
All Models £27.60

Buy Now Click Here!

Pre Bushed Front Suspension Arms

Pre Bushed Front Arm Astra Now Available, we have Whiteline direct replacement front wishbones for Astra G and H models. These front wishbones are brand new and come pre-fitted with uprated 85 Shore polyurethane wishbone bushes in black and a brand new high quality OEM ball joint.

This will make fitting uprated poly bushes far easier and much more straightforward. No need to spend hours knocking out existing bushes and fitting new ones, simply undo 3 bolts, drop the original arm off the car and fit the direct replacement wishbone.

Priced at £90 each inc VAT.
Fitting Information.
Fitting instructions with colour pictures are available here in pdf format for the Whitleline products listed below. Click on the link to download the fitting information. Fitting instructions are also included with all Whiteline prodcuts.
To view the fitting lnstructions you will need a pdf reader installed such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Poly Bush Installation Information

BHR75Z - Astra G/H Rear ARB Fitting

KSB629 - Astra G Strut Brace

KCA382 - Astra G Front Caster Bushes

KCA383 - Astra G Rear Camber/Toe Shims

KLC054 - Astra G Adjustable ARB Link Arms

Front Anti-Roll Bar General Fitting Info

Front Camber Adjustment Bolt Kit

Additional Step-by-Step Fitting Guides can be found >>>>> HERE <<<<

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