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Engine Rebuilding 2.0 Turbo Z20LEx Engines
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Z20LEx Engine Rebuild

We can carry out full engine rebuilds to all Z20LEx engines. This can be to a higher specification for big horsepower turbo conversions or to standard specification if required. We can remove the engine from and refit into the vehicle and carry out a full strip down and rebuild or we will rebuild an engine supplied to us out of the car.
The images show a Z20LET engine being stripped down and rebuilt to higher specification, using uprated high yield forged pistons with new rings and gudgeon pins, uprated steel rods with rod bolts, the addition of under piston cooling if required (oil spray jets - not required on VXR Z20LEH engines), balanced internals including crankshaft, flywheel, pistons and rods, the removal of the counter rotating balancer shafts as on VXR Z20LEH engines (not required on Z20LEH engines!) - balancer shaft deletion kit available separately and re-fitting with new oil pump, water pump, cambelt, pullies, tensioner, bearings, stem seals, head bolts and gaskets.

Prices range from £3,575 - £4,595 (including parts and labour to remove the engine from the vehicle, disassemble and reassemble it, all the required machining work to the block and components,and refitting and fluids) depending upon specification as each engine is rebuilt to individual requirements and quoted according to required specification.
We can also re-work the cylinder head and fit uprated camshafts.

All engine rebuild components can be supplied separately, including balancer shaft deletion components, pistons, rods, bearings, gaskets sets, head bolts .........

Machining Work (i.e. block preparation for forged pistons, lightening and balancing of crank etc) is also available separately, to suit our components. For example to rebore a block to spec for oversize pistons from £216.00 Contact Us for details.

Click on Thumbnails for Larger Images.

Stripped Down Engine

New Bores to Accept Oversize Forged Pistons

Under Piston Cooling Installed

Crank Re-fitted - Lightened and Balanced

Forged Pistons and Steel Rods

Engine Being Rebuilt

Engine Being Rebuilt

Engine Being Rebuilt

Pisons and Rods Installed

Balancer Shafts Removed from Final Build

Genuine Z20LEH Forged Pistons and Steel Rods

Genuine GM/Vauxhall/Opel Mahle Forged Z20LEH Piston Set.

The Z20LEH pistons (as used in the Z20LEH Astra H VXR/OPC engines) are exceptional quality for a standard fit piston. They are made by Mahle of Germany and as well as being a forged piston they have the extra benefit of Teflon coated skirts for low noise. They are capable of withstanding engines producing up to 500bhp, providing correct fitting tolerances are observed and mapping is accurate. Supplied in sets of 4 with new piston rings, gudgeon pins and circlips. Also available with steel rods and uprated rod bolts.

Bore Size: 86.5mm (oversize) Requires mild rebore

Price - £650.00 per set. Buy Now Click Here!

Piston and H-Beam Steel Rod Kit £1052.00 Buy Now Click Here!
Z20LEH Forged Pistons

Wossner High Yield Forged Pistons

These pistons are a superior forged alloy design compared to the OE cast items on Z20LEL/LER/LET and feature Teflon coated skirts for reduced wear. These allow higher turbo boost levels to be run (when used with a suitable engine map) and are balanced to a higher standard than the OE units. Supplied in sets of 4 with new piston rings, gudgeon pins and circlips.

Bore Size: 86mm for brand new engines and 86.5mm (oversize) which requires mild rebore to fit.

Price - £606.00 per set. Buy Now Click Here!

Piston and H-Beam Steel Rod Kit £985 Buy Now Click Here!
High Yield Forged Pistons

H-Beam Steel Rods and Uprated Rod Bolts

Steel rods for Z20LEx engines Uprated H-Beam Steel Con Rods.

H-Beam Con Rods are stiffer and more ridged which makes them better suited to high power/higher torque engines for example high power turbo builds. Our lightweight, H-beam section connecting rods are forged from 4340 high tensile steel. Heat treated and fully shot-peened for higher fatigue strength. Small end bushed for fully floating pin and big end fitted with high quality ARP 8740 fasteners (Torque to 75lb/ft with ARP assembly lube). Balanced to within 1g.
Ideal for all modified engines exceeding OE component capabilities and suitable for fast road, track and competition use.

Available for ALL Z20LEx (Z20LET/LEL/LER/LEH) engines and C20LET.

Price - £402 including VAT. Buy Now Click Here!

When to change to OE rods to steel rods......

We recommend that OE rods are replaced as follows:
Z20LEH - 310/320bhp+ Steel rods only are required for power increases to 500bhp, due to the strength of the factory Mahle pistons. Steel rods recommended for K06 and Inlet Manifold conversions, allowing the engine to rev further for additional power gains, and for Garrett type conversions.
Z20LET/LEL/LER - 310bhp+ Above this figure we recommend stronger forged pistons and steel rods for these engines when seeking high power output.

ARP Uprated Rod Bolts for OE and Steel Z20LEx Rods

ARP Rod Bolts also available seperately for standard OE and Steel Z20LEx rods - £72 per set Buy Now Click Here!

Balancer Shaft Removal Kit

Balancer shaft deletion kit for Z20LET, Z20LEL and Z20LER applications. Not required on Z20LEH engines.

This kit safely removes the balancer shafts installed from the factory, and reduces internal power losses and enables the engine to rev more smoothly and briskly when the bottom end is lightened and balanced as part of an engine rebuild. Additionally a weight saving of nearly 5 kg is made.

We remove the balancer shafts as a matter of course when we carry out high power engine rebuilds.

Top Image shows the balancer shafts removed and the kit fully installed prior to the sump being fitted.

Bottom Image shows the components in the balancer shaft deletion kit

Courtenay Sport Price: £148.80 inc VAT. Buy Now Click Here!
Balancer Shaft Deletion Kit Installed
Balancer Shaft Deletion Kit Components

Thermal Inlet Gasket - Z20LEx

Thermal Inlet Gasket (TIG) for Z20LEx engines - designed to reduce heat-soak from the cylinder head to the inlet manifold. Ideal for use with any engine, but especially big power builds.

Heat management is an area that is often ignored during engine modification. The Thermal Inlet Gasket will help prevent heat from conducting from the cylinder head casting into the inlet manifold, significantly reducing heat soak.

In theory, because of the cooler and denser inlet charge, a small and immediate power increase should be evident (if you can run a little more ignition timing before pre-ignition occurs then power should rise), but their main strength will be in helping to keep temperatures under control during and after prolonged engine use.
Thermal Inlet Gasket
This 4mm thick high performance composite gasket, designed for optimal heat insulation, is available for Z20LEx engines is paper coated on both sides to aid sealing.

Note: The TIG is paper coated on each side and designed to seal between two flat surfaces. If there is any doubt about the quality of either surface a thin bead of sealant should be used on both sides (not recommended unless absolutely necessary). If the paper gaskets are damaged during strip down/rebuild, they can be replaced with a pair of OE gaskets.

£45 each Buy Now Click Here! Longer Studs and new nuts available

630cc High Flow Injectors

High Flow 630cc Injectors 630cc at 3 bar.

High Flow Fuel Injectors for high power engines up to 450bhp - 560bhp.

£395 per set of 4 Buy Now Click Here!

Uprated Fuel Pumps

For Astra and Zafira Turbo models inc VXR running big horsepower and higher boost levels, fuelling is critical. The replacement Aeromotive 340 Stealth high output in-tank electric fuel pump offers the solution. 340 lph at 40psi. Offset Inlet, Inline with Outlet. Will fit into original in-tank housing with slight modification. Suitable for cars from 300bhp up to 450bhp. Features a vapour-purge port as on an OE pump, so less prone to fuel starvation at low fuel levels.

The Walbro replacement uprated fuel pump is ideal to take over from the original 'OE' fuel pump to maintain good fuel flow where the OE pump begins to struggle. This pump is capable of running at up to 350 bhp. Fits in place of original pump, with modification to the OE housing.


Convoluted Flexi Fuel Hose also available

Uprated Multi Layer High Performance Metal Head Gaskets

We have mutli layer uprated metal head gaskets available for all high power builds.
High Performance 4 Layer Gasket - 1.3mm when compressed. CR: 8.4:1 with Race Spec Pistons
Ultra Performance 5 Layer Gasket - 1.9mm when compressed. CR: 8.0:1 with Race Spec Pistons

Price - £139.95 HP 1.3mm Gasket Buy Now Click Here!  UP 1.9mm Gasket Buy Now Click Here!

Engine Rebuild Components - Gasket Sets, Bearings, Head Bolts

Not only can we supply pistons and rods but for anyone carrying out their own engine build we can supply head gaskets, top and bottom gasket sets, big end bearings, main bearings, head bolts, oil pumps, water pumps, cambelt kits and auxiliary drive belts. In fact everything you will need.
Most parts are available for online purchase from our shop. Buy Now Click Here!

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